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I've hijacked the Due Gatti Coffee Shop computer! *bwahahahaha*
I have lots of pictures to post from the Wall Dog Extravaganza, which I will do when I get to my dad's computer. To answer some questions commented in my last entry: the Wall Dogs/Letterheads are an international group of sign painters and graphic artists who travel around and paint murals. They do this to keep the original art of hand sign painting alive. About 52 Wall Dogs from around the world (Ireland, Australia...) came to Jacksonville and painted 10 murals around the downtown. They were here for a week. I was publicity co-chair for the event, so I was pretty damn busy. The painters knew how to party. Will post pix at some point.
I have just removed several people from my friends list. Please take no personal offense to this, as none is intended. My journal has recently become more personal, and I've been considering this for some time now. In addition, I will have much less time to spend on LJ in the coming weeks and months (what with senior history papers, graduation, etc...), so I won't be able to be a quality LJ-friend.

Thank you for sharing your journals with me.


Friends Only

If you want to friend me, then go right ahead. Add me first, and then please drop me a comment to introduce yourself.
Yo, people who like Lost (I'm looking at you, Jen and Stef)! Check out my shiny new icon. *points*

PS: the credit is in the keywords, ya'll

I'm gonna make a post too.

I just know I will be flamed for this post. But it's my journal.

It is not the end of the world. It sucks, most certainly, but it is not the end. I am upset like many people. This was my first election to vote in, and I feel kind of cheated. Yeah, I'm nervous and scared about the next 4 years. They could go better than expected or they could go badly. Our country has gone conservative and will most likely remain that way for some time, possibly decades. Who knows? We will just have to learn to deal with it, and continue to voice our personal opinions and vote in upcoming elections.

We spent the entire hour in Kosta's class talking about the election instead of Thomas Aquinas. Kosta was trying to calm us down, but possibly he only riled some people up. He says that our country is now a basically one party system and that it will remain conservative for at least the next 30 years. He told us that we need to adapt and work within this new system, because that is the way it will be. Our lives are going to be vastly different from how we imagined them when we woke up yesterday morning. Sometimes this happens, in the grand scheme of history. I don't necessarily buy all of this, but I see the logic and where he is coming from.

Ironically, our reading for today included Aquinas' thoughts about obeying secular authorities and impressing christian beliefs on others. I may go back and reread some of that.

(for those of my f-list who are american) This is our country. We can move to Canada or Europe or elsewhere, or we can stay and stick this out and see where our "democratic" system takes us. Everybody has to make this choice about what is right for them. I'm not going to voice an opinion about moving vs. staying.

And another thing....... All republicans are not evil people. I am personally offended and angered when I see things like "dumbass, violent, warmongering freaks" generalized about them on my f-list or elsewhere (in the interest of preserving peace, I'm not telling who said that). My parents are republican, and I live in an overwhelmingly conservative part of the country. I consider myself a conservative liberal, more middle of the road than anything. Just because people vote republican does not mean that they support the war. Most republicans will even say that they are unhappy with Bush's performance on several issues. They voted for him because he is their party's candidate and because they believe in his morals and values (this last reason was apparently the top reason for voters to vote the way they did. go figure). And no, I did not vote republican.

Okay, I'm really going to try to restrict this entry to being my only big political post. Personally, I'm sick of all the politics and election crap. We voted, we did our part, Wisconsin went to Kerry, and now I want to move on and look forward.


Somebody wake me up in a week and let me know what happened.

What sucks more is that the campus is simply wallpapered in Kerry/Edwards posters and propaganda. Sidewalks, walls, windows, various random objects--they are all plastered with signs, fliers, and stickers. And it will all still be there in the morning.

The republicans have already started vandalizing the campus with Bush/Cheney posters accompanied by fliers that say "4 more years, bitches." Just thought I'd warn you all before you have a fit in the morning walking to class.

Nov. 2nd, 2004

Let's just say that the presidential race is not going as well as hoped.
Just pray that Kerry wins Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, and possibly a southwestern state. *prays real frickin hard*

The Feingold race here in WI is ridiculously close, but he's winning. Obama in IL is kicking Alan Keyes' ass approx. 75-25%.

this quote was funny even in context

"Well, my novel's done. Time to go fuck some of the natives."
--Kyle, imitating some anthro guy

Rocky Horror Pictures!

I did the show for three years, and finally I was smart enough to bring my camera. They aren't great, but they have a sort "behind the scenes" feel. I'm really proud of the show last night, even if I did have to wear those hideous shorts. People have been telling us all that they enjoyed the show, which is really nice and rewarding. We didn't have a full theater (maybe 3/4 full), but that was mostly due to the tornado watch and the heavy rain. The lighting for the show was awesome, thanks to Jeff. Green lighting during the lab scene! I *heart* Jeff. We didn't really even have too many mishaps during the show, although apparently I was pretty damn close to one of the partitions when I did my jive jumps. I do vaguely recall my feet hitting something on the back swing, so perhaps that was the partition. Oh well. Also, I super un-gracefully hit my elbow and tackled M'ris during the pool orgy. Sorry about that.

The after party was fun. I think. I drank a lot, apparently. I think I was so relieved that the week from Hell was over and that RHPS was over, that I just drank and drank until I was gone. Although someone told me at dinner tonight that I was "pretty coherent, in a drunk way."

anyways, the picturesCollapse )

P.S.-- The entire campus got a wake-up call at 9:15am from Sen. Barak Obama. I think he may have lost some votes with that one.